What We Do

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Walker Research Group, LLC (WRG) is a full-service research and consultancy firm offering a variety of customizable analytic and research services with a particular emphasis on sport. An academically-based “research collective”, WRG scientists and scholars hold advanced degrees in a range of research and methodological areas. With services focused in three main areas (analytics / market research, consulting, and data management) we solve your most challenging research questions.

  • Data Analytic Services:  Survey data collection (e.g., web-based, in-person, mail, phone, etc.), focus groups, interviews, descriptive modeling, data mining, forecasting, program evaluations, experimental and applied designs, conjoint methods, consumer segmentation analyses, marketing metrics, customer experience evaluations (e.g., brand image, website and member satisfaction, social media impact, etc.), secondary data analyses, literature reviews (among other customizable projects).

  • Consulting: Comprehensive advisory personnel that interpret empirical results from the granular-level. Our methods are supported by expert analyses and superior responsiveness, two vital elements for business decision-making. We can also help in the development of business, marketing, and communication plans.

  • Data Management: The highest level of collecting, organizing, and data management techniques, which yield interpretable, highly professional, and defensible reports.

Using quality research methods and tools, our findings, frameworks, and guides will enhance how your business interacts with consumers, stakeholders, industry peers, and business-to-business partners.